Whisky John’s Brand New Look!

wjThis Friday, October 2nd, Five Wheel Drive will return to Whisky John’s for their first visit since March of 2015.  While a lot of greatness remains, namely the lovely Angie Poucher and the great dance party she maintains each week, there is a lot of change as well.

WJ’s recently had a 3-4 week complete renovation and just opened its doors to the public a week ago.  A much more open area for folks to roam, and a more dedicated area for the bands to play and people to dance.  And countless TV’s for those that need to keep up with the game while taking a break from dancing.

Five Wheel Drive has been working hard at new tunes and will be unleashing quite a few at Friday’s show.  Get your dancing shoes on, make sure you are well rested (you can hydrate at the bar), and plan to stay up late!

The band goes on at 10pm.

See you there….


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