5WD Show History

Below are the shows starting from day one!

1282022/07/09Drums and Flats – AjaxLive Show
1272022/05/15Whisky Johns – OshawaLive Show
1262020/10/15Whisky Johns – OshawaLive Show
1252020/07/10Drums and Flats – AjaxLive Show
1242020/02/21Whisky Johns – OshawaLive Show
1232020/02/15Brooklin Legion – BrooklinLive Show
1222020/01/18Brooklin Pub – BrooklinLive Show
1212019/12/31New Years Eve – 12 Bistro WhitbyLive Show
1202019/12/28Drums and Flats – TorontoLive Show
1192019/12/21Drums and Flats – AjaxLive Show
1182019/12/07The Edge – AjaxLive Show
1172019/11/15Whisky Johns – OshawaLive Show
1162019/11/02Crowne Plaza Hotel – Niagara FallsPrivate Party
1152019/09/21Rotary Club of ColborneFundraiser
1142019/09/20Whitby Curling ClubPrivate Party
1132019/09/07The Edge – AjaxLive Show
1122019/08/02The Edge – AjaxLive Show
1112019/05/31The Edge – AjaxLive Show
1102019/04/27Drums and Flats – AjaxLive Show
1092019/04/20Franks Pasta – CobourgLive Show
1082019/04/19Drums and Flats – AjaxLive Show
1072019/03/29Royal Oak South – WhitbyLive Show
1062019/03/17Whisky Johns – OshawaLive Show
1052019/03/15Royal Oak North – WhitbyLive Show
1042019/03/09West Shore – PickeringLite Show
1032019/03/01The Edge – AjaxLive Show
1022019/02/16Brock Street Brewing – WhitbyPrivate Party
1012019/01/12The Edge – AjaxLive Show
1002018/11/24The Edge – AjaxLive Show
992018/11/09Whisky Johns – OshawaLive Show
982018/09/08The Edge – AjaxLive Show
97 2018/08/18Cobourg Ribfest – CobourgLive Show
962018/08/11Brooklin – LegionLive Show
952018/07/07Private Party – BowmanvilleLive Show
942018/06/3072 Bolton Sports Cafe – Bobcaygeon Canada Day!Live Show
932018/06/12Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
922018/06/12Lion & Unicorn – WhitbyLive Show
912018/05/12The Edge – AjaxLive Show
902018/01/27The Edge – AjaxLive Show
892017/12/15Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
882017/12/02Brooklin Pub – BrooklinLive Show
872017/11/18The Edge – AjaxLive Show
862017/11/17Drums n’ Flats – Ajax (with Chasing Shadows)Live Show
852017/10/20Kingsmen Pub – PickeringLive Show
842017/10/14Brooklin Pub – BrooklinLive Show
832017/09/23Wedding Reception – BowmanvillePrivate Show
822017/08/26Outdoor Party – CaledonPrivate Show
812017/07/22Irish Times – PickeringLive Show
802017/07/8Outdoor Party – BowmanvillePrivate Show
792017/07/172 Bolton Sports Cafe – Bobcaygeon Canada Day!Live Show
782017/06/17Col Mustard’s – Port PerryLive Show
772017/06/2Brooklin Spring Fair – LegionLive Show
762017/05/13The Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
752017/05/6Irish Times – PickeringLive Show
742017/04/28Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
732017/04/1The Edge – AjaxLive Show
722017/03/11Brooklin Pub – BrooklinLive Show
712017/03/4Brock Street Brewing – WhitbyPrivate Show
702017/02/24Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
682016/12/17Firefighters Christmas – OshawaPrivate Party
672015/11/19Christmas Party  – AjaxPrivate Party
662015/11/12Birthday Party – BowmanvillePrivate Party
652016/11/05Brooklin Pub – BrooklinLive Show
642016/10/01Fionn MacCool’s – AjaxLive Show
632016/09/17Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
622016/08/27The Edge – AjaxLive Show
612016/08/13Private Party – CaledonLive Show
602016/08/06Harry’s 50th Birthday BashLive Show
592016/07/0272 Bolton Sports Cafe – BobcaygeonLive Show
582016/07/01Brooklin Legion – 1pm startCanada Day
572016/06/17Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
562016/04/30The Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
552016/04/16Brock Street Brewing – WhitbyLive Show
542016/04/02Fionn MacCool’s – AjaxLive Show
532016/03/26The Hops House – WhitbyLive Show
522016/03/18Ballers – CourticeLive Show
512016/03/04OLA SAGM – MississaugaLive Show
502016/02/27Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
492016/02/06The Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
482016/01/29Excuses- OshawaLive Show
472015/12/12Firefighters Christmas – OshawaPrivate Party
462015/12/02Fionn MacCool’s – AjaxLive Show
452015/11/24Christmas Party – AjaxPrivate Party
442015/11/07The Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
432015/10/24Private Party – BowmanvillePrivate Party
422015/10/02Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
412015/08/08The Edge – AjaxLive Show
402015/07/17Fionn MacCool’s – AjaxLive Show
392015/07/04Beaverton MotelLive Show
382015/06/20Jake’s Bar – LindsayLive Show
372015/06/05Brooklin Spring Fair – LegionLive Show
362015/05/29Fionn MacCool’s – AjaxLive Show
352015/05/23Col Mustard’s – Port PerryLive Show
342015/05/01Frosty John’s Pub – BowmanvilleLive Show
332015/04/10Kelly Home-like Inn – CobourgLive Show
322015/04/4Private Party – BowmanvillePrivate Party
312015/03/17Brooklin Pub – BrooklinSt. Paddys Day
302015/03/07Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
292015/01/17The Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
282014/12/20Brooklin Pub and Grill – WhitbyFundraiser
272014/12/13House Christmas PartyPrivate Party
262014/11/28The Black Bear Pub – AjaxLive Show
252014/11/01The Honest Lawyer – WhitbyLive Show
242014/10/17Barney’s Whitby (with The Bomb)Live Show
232014/10/11The Edge – AjaxLive Show
222014/09/26Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
212014/08/16The Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
202014/07/25Barney’s Whitby (with The Bomb)Live Show
192014/06/27Frosty John’s Pub – BowmanvilleLive Show
182014/04/12The Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
172014/04/11Frosty John’s Pub – BowmanvilleLive Show
162014/03/29Jude’s Sports Bar – Port PerryLive Show
152014/03/15Braver Than Brave Benefit – OshawaFundraiser
142014/03/14Whisky John’s – OshawaLive Show
132014/03/01Sgt Peppers’s – AjaxLive Show
122014/01/11Players Bench – OshawaLive Show
112013/12/31Hunter’s Horn Whitby – New Year’sLive Show
102013/12/14House Christmas PartyPrivate Party
92013/10/26Four Paws Benefit – WhitbyFundraiser
82013/10/19Black Bear Pub – AjaxLive Show
72013/09/28Hunters Horn – WhitbyLive Show
62013/08/30Pearson Pub – WhitbyLive Show
52013/07/20Trinity Irish Pub – WhitbyLive Show
42013/06/15Black Bear Pub – AjaxLive Show
32013/05/03Charly Ronicks – WhitbyLive Show
22013/03/30Hunters Horn – WhitbyLive Show
12013/02/16Knights Of Columbus – WhitbyPrivate Party

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