Town of Ajax – Summer at Home Performance Series

We are extremely honored and of course, excited to announce that we will be participating in this year Town of Ajax Summer at Home Performance Series. We pre-recorded a one hour video that will be shown on Wednesday August 18, beginning at 8pm (est).

The link to view our 1 hour show is

To see the entire list of performers, you can visit

The members of the band would like to send out a sincere thank you to everyone that made this possible. Specifically, Brock Street Brewing of Whitby for allowing us to record there, as well as Ron Del and Ricky Williamson for their great work on the video.

We hope everyone gets a chance to see the video live, or even after. It was a lot of fun, and we are indeed honored!


A Fast And Furious Spring For 5WD

Fast and furious is pretty much the only way to describe the coming months for the guys in Five Wheel Drive..

Check out the show history page here and see for yourself, the guys are going in overdrive as they have secured upwards of 10 shows between now and July 1st.  Include (so far) the month of August and it is 11 shows.  Two of these are outdoor private parties this summer.

Be sure to keep checking here for exciting show announcements, as well as updates to the web site.  You can also check out the band’s Facebook page.

Get Ready To Rock Canada Day Weekend 2016 With 5WD

11709493_10153478641744074_4166508564807068774_nThe guys are ready to rock this Canada Day Weekend.  It all starts on Friday July 1st when 5WD visits the Brooklin Legion for an afternoon of music and fun.  Show starts at 1pm and goes until 6pm.  Last summer the guys played at the Brooklin Spring Fair and a great time was had by all.  This year promises to be even better.

Then on Saturday night the guys travel to Bobcaygeon to invade 72 Bolton Sports Cafe.  It is the first trip there, and it promises to be a blast.  Many friends of 5WD have played here, and to a man, they all say it is an amazing experience.  A long weekend in cottage country, with cold beers, and rock and roll.  I don’t know, something sounds just so right about that!

Wherever you are, whatever you plan to do, make it fun.  But play safe and be smart.  We want to see you at a future show.

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Brock Street Brewing!

We were honored to be asked to play at Brock Street Brewing. What we found out last night was that this whole concept came about after a few friends made a batch of beer in one of their back yards. They took that beer out to others to get their thoughts. When folks raved about how good it was, they decided to go back and make more. But who had the recipe? Who wrote it down. Oh no!

But from that point, a dream was beginning. Four local business men, and our friends in the community, had a dream, they shared a passion, and they are working their tails off to make this dream a reality.

The hope is by next summer, summer of 2017, Brock Street Brewing will indeed be located in the heart of downtown Whitby, on Brock Street, just south of the 4 corners of Whitby.

We were there last night to play some rock and roll, and many of our friends joined us. A dinner of ribs, mac and cheese, salad, desert, and of course beers made right on the premise was served. Playing right next to the tanks of goodness was a surreal experience. Knowing the goodness being created right next to us, was ultra cool. As one patron actually asked, “can I jump in and swim around”? Sounded like a great idea to us.

We will play again here. It was a win win all around. Five Wheel Drive had a great night, guests were entertained and fed, and the Brock Street name, gained a number of brand new customers. Posts on Facebook the next day from a number of people, raved about the beers they had tried. And what was I am sure very satisfying was that everyone’s taste buds took them in a different direction to their favorite beer.

Salute to our friends that joined, and salute to our friends on this very exciting venture. We are with you!

Lacrosse People – There’s None Like Them

This Friday night, March 4th, Five Wheel Drive will be playing live at the Ontario Lacrosse Association SAGM (Semi-Annual General Meeting).  The meeting and show is being held at the Delta Meadowvale in Mississauga, Ontario.   The band is scheduled to go on between 8:30 – 9:00pm on Friday night and play until after midnight.

It is a bit of a big deal for the band, specifically lead vocalist Gary Mark.  “I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked if we could play.  It is an unreal honour to play for lacrosse people; there’s none like them.”    The OLA SAGM captures representatives from every minor association all across Ontario, as well as all Junior and Major Clubs over the course of the weekend.  Various meetings, discussions and training takes place each year.

“I have been involved in lacrosse is some capacity (player, referee, timekeeper, coach, volunteer) almost every year since I was five years old.  I owe so much to the game; lifelong friends and relationships, and of course all of the memories from the game that I can share with my family.  Ironically, 2016 will be the first year I am not involved with the game in any capacity for as long as I can remember.  But I left because I felt it was time, and I now have some other interests (music) that really occupy my time.  It will be a little bitter sweet going into this meeting now as an entertainer.  Sure I will miss it, but I am so excited to play and share my other passion with so many friends and peers.”

Five Wheel Drive is the band that was put together 4 years ago, and  the group started playing live 3 years ago.   Since then the group (who focuses on playing those classic rock songs you love but don’t hear very often), have been playing regularly throughout Durham Region and beyond.  “We like to be a little different so you won’t hear Brown Eyed Girl, or Mustang Sally”, said keyboardist Fernando Laguardia.  “Sure they are great songs but every bar band on the continent plays them.  We go for the wow factor, as in wow I cannot believe that they did that one, I have not heard it in so long. ”

Mark says that being in a band is a mirror image of being on a lacrosse team or volunteer executive.  “We practice to get better and we all have our certain roles.  Individually we are all good at what we do, but when the 5 of us work together, we can really make some amazing things happen.  It is just like it is on the floor.”

For more information about Five Wheel Drive you can follow the band on Facebook at, or go to the bands website at



Whisky John’s Brand New Look!

wjThis Friday, October 2nd, Five Wheel Drive will return to Whisky John’s for their first visit since March of 2015.  While a lot of greatness remains, namely the lovely Angie Poucher and the great dance party she maintains each week, there is a lot of change as well.

WJ’s recently had a 3-4 week complete renovation and just opened its doors to the public a week ago.  A much more open area for folks to roam, and a more dedicated area for the bands to play and people to dance.  And countless TV’s for those that need to keep up with the game while taking a break from dancing.

Five Wheel Drive has been working hard at new tunes and will be unleashing quite a few at Friday’s show.  Get your dancing shoes on, make sure you are well rested (you can hydrate at the bar), and plan to stay up late!

The band goes on at 10pm.

See you there….

Small Town Ontario Rocks!

mustardsFive Wheel Drive is in the midst of a number of shows outside of Durham Region.  The guys in the band made a decision to spend much of the Summer 2015 exploring some small town bars outside of the normal area.  So far, two shows in, the band has experienced far more than they may have imagined was possible.  Kelly’s Home Like Inn in Cobourg, and Col. Mustards in Port Perry have proven to be fantastic venues, with local folks that really want to have a good time.

In both town’s the band had an amazing night, and dealt with first class owners, very accommodating and professional staff, and a crowd that was ready for some dancing and good old rock and roll.  The band delivered!

Cobourg and Port Perry are now definitely on the map for 5WD in their plans for future visits.

Kelly’s Home Like Inn, Like A Home Away From Home For 5WD

11152691_10153226984510987_8905405964697424813_nWell what can one say? Sometimes you have to dig hard and dig deep to find some of the hidden little gems the music life has to offer you. And we did. Last night was the first time Five Wheel Drive left Durham Region for a show. And as we have always said, this ain’t about the money (musicians know that). It’s about finding those people in those venues that appreciate and respond to your music. What a find.

Kelly’s Homelike Inn in Cobourg is one of those places. Such a great response from a great crowd, and fantastic staff. Some of the comments from the locals left us speechless and humbled, and energized all at the same time!. Their genuine love for the music and their appreciation to us when we came to town. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the fine people of Cobourg and Kelly’s Home Like Inn.  We will be back…..

Let The World Tour Begin (wink, wink)

imagesOver the next three months the band will be travelling outside of Durham Region for a number of live shows. Starting Friday April 10, the guys head to Kelly’s Homelike Inn in Cobourg, Frosty John’s in Bowmanville in early May, Col. Mustard’s Port Perry in late May, the Brooklin Spring Fair in early June, Jake’s Bar Lindsay in late June and Beaverton Motel in early July.

All of the above shows will be first visits to these locations except for Frosty John’s in Bowmanville. The hope is to gain an additional fan base by doing so. Whitby, Oshawa and Courtice / Bowmanville have been so supportive of the band in the last three years and the group is extremely grateful for the support locally.

But in the music scene you can never have enough followers and people to enjoy your performances, so Five Wheel Drive is going on a little bit of a tour this Summer.  For all of the bands show dates and start times, check here under show history or join any of the events on the band’s Facebook page at  Better yet, like the Facebook page and you will be notified every time a show is added.

Get ready to rock this Summer!