About 5WD

Welcome to the official blog of Durham Region Classic Rock and Roll Dance Band; Five Wheel Drive.

The members of 5WD first got together in January 2012 with an understanding of playing in the basement and “if they were good enough”, to possibly venture out and play a few bars.  The group worked on material for over a year, and that first show happened.  On Saturday March 30th, 2013, the band played to a packed house at Hunter’s Horn in Whitby. The night was so successful that at night’s end, the band was asked to play New Year’s Eve 2013 (which they did). Just as impressive there were 3 offers from patrons to play Private Parties that Summer.

Five Wheel Drive is a group of guys that have real jobs, and real lives.  They play music for the fun of entertaining people and having a good time.  It is hard to pinpoint a specific genre of music as the band plays a wide variety spanning the 70’s right through to today (see the song list link).  The concept is simple; if people have a good time and dance it was a successful night.

To see some live video, you can check out the band’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/5wdband/videos.

If you have an event or occasion you would like to talk to the band about, please send an email to – Five Wheel Drive


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