The Guys

Things you may or may not want to know about these guys:

Gary Mark – Vocals, Guitar
– lives in Whitby, married, 3 kids
– plays through a Line 6 Helix LT, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender USA Strat, Taylor Acoustic guitars.
– plays lacrosse, loves football
– has three dogs, and has no problem admitting to crying like a baby in Lassie
– favorite musicians are Randy  Rhoads, David Gilmour, and Ozzy Osbourne

Geoff Hlibka – Vocals, Lead guitar

Geoff is a Toronto based guitarist/composer who studied music at Humber College. After graduating, Geoff started the band Mystic Fools, recorded an album and opened for bands including Blue Rodeo, April Wine and Kim Mitchell. Geoff also performs with Billboard artists and has toured in Canada, Caribbean and Africa.
He can be heard on a wide range of commercial recordings including gold and platinum albums. Most recently Geoff was the guitarist in the Toronto musical Juke Box Hero at the Ed Mirvish Theatre.

Instagram: @geoff_hlibka_music

Joe Fraser – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Joe Fraser has been on the Canadian scene for 30 years, playing from Ottawa to Windsor and more recently in Toronto and Durham region. With the ability to play numerous styles of music and create many different tones. Joe plays 4 and 5 string electric bass, as well as fretless electric and electric stand up bass to achieve his sounds.  Joe is also the only member of 5WD cool enough to have his own site.  Check it out at –

Al Rivett – Drums, Percussion
– lives in Coboug, married 2 kids and 2 step kids
– works at Oshawa This Week Newspaper as a page editor (and yet Gary does this site….hmmm)
– is a dog and drum lover; has 3 of each (Boston Terrier, Pug and Shi Tzu – Tama, )
– longtime Pat Metheny Group fan and lover of the Smooth Jazz genre. Favorite drummer: Antonio Sanchez, PMG

Fernando Laguardia – Keyboards, Vocals
– lives in Oshawa, married with 3 kids
– born in Bahia Blanca, Argentina
– studied piano at the Conservatory, took classes with Jazz Pianist Lalo Pirilo and Luis Silvani in Bahia Blanca, and harmony with Tato Medina in Buenos Aires
– moved to Canada in Nov 2003 and started to play.  Was in a project that was originated as a Pink Floyd tribute band, and after a few months of leaving that project, joined the group that became 5WD.
– music preferences and influences go from Classic, to Jazz, and from Symphonic Rock to Rock and Roll
– with a full time job in Computer Science, and 3 kids Fernando dedicates the remaining time he has to music, because music is what keeps his life together

Some random shots of the guys doing what they do:


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